Mindlabs Science Teacher, Jenn Diaz, at Feaster Charter School (the U.S.), boosts engagement with MEL Chemistry

Mindlabs Science Teacher, Jenn Diaz, at Feaster Charter School (the U.S.), boosts engagement with MEL Chemistry

March 15, 2020

Mindlabs Science Teacher, Jenn Diaz, gets her students engaged and planning their own learning for her science club.

Feaster Charter School, CA prides itself of being a 21st century school, it puts student decision making at the forefront of its educational policies to challenge students to think creatively, critically and collaboratively. Feaster aims to produce students who are lifelong learners. Feaster’s Science teacher Jenn Diaz (Slabaugh) subscribed her Chemistry club for grades 4-8 to MEL Chemistry and has seen incredible results with her students.

Some of Jenn’s students getting to grips with their new experiments.

Using MEL Chemistry kits in class

Using MEL Science has increased engagement in my science classroom. As a TK-8 Science Teacher, I am not only constantly looking for ways to engage my students in chemistry but also to allow them to participate in planning for their own learning.

Jenn’s students were amazed at the reactions they were able to achieve.

"I love that the kits allow them to operate fairly independently of each other and me when they are learning, which causes them to take more ownership of the process." - Jenn Diaz.

The MEL Chemistry kits I have purchased for my Chemistry Club allow students to decide what topic they would like to address and I can provide them with additional videos and resources to go along with each project.

“They love following along with the app and the instruction cards, and enjoy that everything is already pre-set out for them but still requires precise measuring.”

They also love the troubleshooting sections as it allows them to discover the answers independently of me and try different things when they don’t succeed the first time.

Lastly, we LOVE the catchy names, visuals, and videos that come along with each kit! Thanks for making learning chemistry so much fun!’

We are delighted that Jenn and her students have had such a great time with our MEL Chemistry sets. More information and prices for MEL Chemistry and other MEL Science products can be found on our website - www.melscience.com, or for bulk school orders please contact our school sales team - schools@melscience.com.