MEL Chemistry kits used in Lund International School, Sweden chemistry classes

MEL Chemistry kits used in Lund International School, Sweden chemistry classes

March 25, 2020

Emma Taylor, a science teacher at Lund International School (Sweden), has chosen MEL Chemistry kits as the best option for her students’ science classes. At Lund International School, all programmes are taught in English, and having chemistry sets in English is a great asset to accompany science classes.

Here, Emma shares her experience of how MEL Chemistry sets improved her students’ comprehension and understanding of science concepts.

Introducing MEL Chemistry sets to the students

Our class received the first package with a Starter Kit, the Tin set, and VR Headset. We were very impressed with how all the necessary equipment for conducting the experiments was included in the first package!

The kits came with step-by-step instructions that explained the experiments pretty simply. Extra instructions were also provided in the MEL Chemistry app, which is very convenient to use – you just put your phone/tablet on the cell phone stand provided in the Starter Kit. The mobile app also allows you to explore molecules in 3D, which really helps students understand how various objects really look. This feature can also be used on an interactive whiteboard, so all the students have access to a digital guide.

As a teacher, I value MEL Chemistry sets for their quality: all the sets worked for my students and myself. I found the scientific descriptions provided on the MEL Science web page very useful for teachers who would like to go above and beyond the necessary and appropriate explanations.

Having MEL Chemistry kits made a big difference in how we conduct experiments in the classrooms. One of the major advantages is that all quantities are correctly measured out and at the correct concentrations, makes it more accessible for young students and less preparation for science teachers and schools without lab technicians. As a result, it is also more cost-effective.

"My students are very excited for our MEL science classes, as they are very interactive and allow them to dive deeper into science concepts by conducting the experiments themselves." - Emma Taylor

Our school has been using MEL Chemistry sets for about 12 months now, and we’ve subscribed to 12 more months, and we have doubled the number of kits we get per month so they can be used by more students.

MEL Chemistry is definitely a great asset for students’ studies that helps take learning science to the next level and improve their understanding. It’s the best combination of hands-on and app experience we could ever imagine for our classes!

- Emma Taylor Science Teacher

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