Teachers at GG International School, Tokyo integrate MEL Chemistry kits into their science lessons

Teachers at GG International School, Tokyo integrate MEL Chemistry kits into their science lessons

March 04, 2021

GG International School is an innovative private school in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Their mission is to provide their students with the cognitive and emotional skills they will need as they grow up.

GGIS achieves emotional stability and develops critical thinking through an integrated art-to-science curriculum from nursery to elementary school students. As students progress through the program, they observe and conduct a variety of experiments using experiential learning to rationalize and explain the world around them.

Evan Hurlocker, an after-school program teacher, shared his experience using MEL Chemistry kits in his classroom:

“MEL Science kits have become the perfect addition to our science class, as they allow us to spend more time doing experiments and discussing our observations. MEL Chemistry experiments get our students really excited about what they are learning.”

Hurlocker continues, “Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and we want to give them the tools and methods they need to observe, analyze, and ask questions. These skill sets will have a lasting impact on the way they learn, with this in mind, we are building a culture around science.”

Mr. Jordan Helm, a kindergarten teacher, conducts MEL Chemistry experiments using step-by-step paper instructions.
Mr. Michael Lange, a kindergarten teacher, uses online instructions via a free mobile app.

Each MEL Chemistry kit introduces a key science concept using hands-on activities. One great aspect of the kit is that it comes with step-by-step paper instructions and a free web application. We use both in the classroom, which is extremely convenient for both our students and our teachers!

The MEL Chemistry subscription includes a mini-lab with reusable glassware and safety equipment, and experiment box sets that introduce core science concepts.

Ms. Jojo Yeung, a nursery school teacher, conducts the “Plants vs. Iodine” experiment from MEL Science’s Chemistry of Plants kit with her students. This experiment introduces the concept of surface active agents.
The "Plants vs. Iodine" experiment has been successfully conducted!

The experiments introduce a series of interlinking principles that help students create scientific qualitative and quantitative hypotheses about the intricacies of chemical processes.

Mr. Evan Hurlocker, an after-school teacher, demonstrates basic water chemistry to elementary students using the “Magic Liquid” experiment from MEL Science’s Colorful Chemistry kit.

At the end of each year, students hold a science fair where they demonstrate one experiment they particularly enjoyed.

Students demonstrate their science fair experiments to their classmates, parents and teachers.
This is a great opportunity for students to utilize the skills they’ve developed and further explore concepts that a MEL Science subscription has exposed them to.

MEL Chemistry isn’t just a chemistry set subscription. It’s a new approach to science and to education, uniting children all over the globe in the pursuit of improving early access to STEM education.

Mr. Chris Tang, a kindergarten teacher, demonstrates the "Igniting iron" experiment from the "Iron" kit.

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