CASE STUDY - MEL Chemistry allowing pupils to reach their full potential

The Empower Learning Center is the Alternative Learning Program (ALP) within the Hinckley-Finlayson School District. They offer non-traditional education options for students ages 16-21 in their daytime program, night school for traditional high school students who need to make up credits, and night school for adults 18 and older who would like to complete their diploma or equivalency.

The school was seeking engaging, hands-on chemistry kits to make their science classes more interactive, and to help their students understand key science concepts and achieve their full potential in chemistry.

Students experimenting with MEL Chemistry

A student conducting a MEL Chemistry experiment called “Color-changing milk” from the Colorful Chemistry set. This experiment introduces the concept of surface active agents.

““We are excited about the learning opportunities for our type of student for our small alternative learning program.” ”

Mr. Brad Jensen, Lead Advisor

Another MEL Chemistry experiment conducted by Empower Learning Center students called “Magic Liquid”. This experiment teaches students how to use indicators to determine a solution’s pH.

Magic Liquid Experiments

Mrs. Alyssa Prater, Lead Advisor at Empower Learning Center, says,

“Our students like that the MEL Chemistry experiments have everything (or almost everything) included. They are easy to set up and conduct, they are entertaining and educational!”

A MEL Chemistry experiment in progress

The MEL Foil etching experiment being set up

MEL Science chemistry kits come with a Starter Kit, which includes all the equipment needed to conduct the experiments. The kits contain enough reagents to conduct each experiment at least twice.

As an education company, we’re thrilled that we could help inspire these students with science!

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More information and prices for MEL Chemistry and other MEL Science products can be found on our website. For bulk school orders, please contact our school sales team -

Image of MEL starter kit, tin experiment set and Laptop showing digital resources