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Hiring - performance marketing

Performance Marketing

We are looking for a performance marketing specialist. A person capable of probing multiple user engagement channels, optimizing each of them, measuring their parameters and singling out the best ones.

How one gesture can make the whole chemistry much easier for kids

MEL Codes

One of the most abstract, difficult things for kids studying chemistry is connecting two different worlds: our macro world and the micro world of molecules. With the new version of the MEL Chemistry app, which is available for iOS and Android, you can simply hold a bottle up to your smartphone camera and see 3D molecule structures of the substance inside the bottle.

Everest in syringe – an experiment you can make at home


The weekend is coming. Here is a simple idea of how to make an amazing experiment at home, along with your kids and using makeshift materials. Do you remember the question of whether it takes more or less time to cook an egg on top of Mount Everest? Let’s check it out right now!

Weekly subscription hands-on chemistry sets

Weekly box content

We are finally ready to reveal our first product: a chemistry set that you can use at home! However, it will be very different from anything that’s currently on the market. We’ve identified the three main problems we see in existing chemistry sets and have fixed them in our product. You can also sign up to be notified when the product is released.

Secrets of Hydrogen Combustion

Hydrogen Combustion

We all know the chemical formula of water: H2O. And most of us will be able to write the equation of the chemical reaction that produces water: 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O. But only a few people out of every million can explain how this reaction occurs in reality. Watch the video that explains everything.

The amazing properties of rubber and the amazing story of its invention


What do you feel when the goal of your life, which you devoted the last 15 years to, has been achieved? What’s next? The life story of Charles Goodyear, the inventor of rubber, who was born on this day, is just as unusual as the physical properties of rubber itself. Why do most bodies expand when heated and tires, on the contrary, shrink

Was this night the longest night in Earth's history?


This night December 21st-22nd, was the longest night of the year. However, was it also the longest night in Earth’s history as many websites reported?

Reveal fingerprints using super glue

Superglue molecule

This day 102 years ago, the first fingerprint record was taken in USA. Read how to use super glue to reveal latent fingerprints at home. And why superglue sticks to your fingers so much.

20 years ago, scientists created the element 111 - Roentgenium


20 years ago, scientists created the element #111. Who would care about an element that lived less than one second? Read how our life is obligated to another element whose life is billions of times shorter.

Hydrogen bubbles explosions

Hydrogen bubbles explosions

We are workin on a video that explains hydrogen burning process. The video will start with a hydrogen bubble explosion and then go deeper to the molecular level where you can see separate molecules and atoms and understand how the burning process happen. While we prepared the video we shoot a lot of hydrogen bubble explosions using a high speed camera. Here is a compilation of the best explosions. Enjoy! No science, just heavenly beauty of fire :)

Mistakes we made in the video about smoke + a challenge about your stomach

Hydrogen nuclear transfer in crystal

Last week we released our first video. As you may remember, in the end we asked you to find mistakes in this video. Today, we will look into the mistakes we made. Some of them we made on purpose for artistic reasons. Some moments that other chemists pointed out to us as mistakes were not mistakes indeed – several details here were so counterintuitive that many people did not believe that the action process happened exactly as we described it. I will also show how scientists find molecule structures.

Smoke without a fire under a virtual microscope with 100,000,000x magnification

Smoke of ammonium chloride

This is about an old chemical trick regarding how to move smoke from one corner of a room to another. We’ll unveil the secret and explain the chemistry reaction behind this trick on the molecular level using a virtual microscope with 100,000,000x magnification. And finally our thoughts as to why we have chosen this chemistry experiment for our first video.

What kind of programmer I am looking for

More than half of Quake was written by John Carmack alone

About our restricting principles, such as “we never partner up with anyone “, “no bonuses”, “we don’t buy anyone and don’t sell ourselves to anyone “, “no bullshit”, “no discounts “, “we turn down any state support “, “we don’t hire non-scientific people (even designers and marketing managers)”, and many others; a dev-lead position who will have to create an entire set of our programs: a library for emulating chemical reactions, a 3D visualizer of molecular reaction dynamics (most probably, using Unity3D), a virtual chemical lab, a website with tasks and social mechanics, the entire software package for the tablet to be included with the set; this developer will not be working on all of this alone, but he will be the first one to lay the foundation for all these programs.

Looking for a greenhouse


One of the things than you face in smaller companies is that you have to do everything on your own. Small problems that were magically solved in an instant in a large company – travel arrangements, office supplies, computers, contracts and such – become a major pain in the neck here. I want to find a company that I can “outsource” all of my secondary activities to. And if there is none out there, I’ll create it.

What we are going to do + 3D designer

How differential works

On the importance of proper visuals in science and education; position of a 3D designer well-versed in physics and chemistry; answer to the problem about washed clothes drying up in frosty air; and a new problem about a turning train.

Here goes! Looking for a quantum chemist

Inner life of a cell

Finally! The company has been registered, a temporary office rented, now it’s time to start looking for people! First of all, I am looking for a quantum chemist in Saint Petersburg. As a bonus, I am sharing an awesome question about laundry and frost.