Sergey Safonov

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 - how can we see the hidden depth with an optical microscope?


A microscope allows you to see very small species. the microscope has its limitations – if you try to look at an object that is less than 1/5000 of a millimeter, you cannot achieve a contrasting picture. See how scientist developed new tool to overcome this limitation and won the Nobel Prize

Why are not sweeteners as tasty as a real sugar?


Today is December 22nd, the day when Constantin Fahlberg was born. He was the inventor of saccharine, one of the most popular sweetener. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar but it has no food energy (calories) and hence does not lead to obesity. Why do we need sweeteners? What is chemistry behind them?

How many people can live on Earth?


How many people can live on Earth? Everyday we spend some amount of natural resources. All humanity spends resources faster than nature can restore them. How many people should live on Earth for it resources should never end?

Does methane on Mars indicate the presence of life?


Is methane on the Mars the evidence of life? Science journal published an article containing information about huge amounts of methane in the atmosphere of Mars two days ago. Moreover, scientists claim that methane does not only exist but also being produced on Mars. Can this discovery suggest existence of life on a Mars?