Elena Laricheva

Elena is a PhD chemist who enjoys de-jargonizing science to make it understandable for everyone. When writing, she is on the hunt for unusual connections between science and popular culture and often likes to highlight historic scientific advances that influence contemporary events. As an executive editor and occasional contributing author at MEL Science blog, she ensures that every article appearing on our site is engaging, informative and fun.

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Why is green the color of poison?


Have you ever wondered why poison is so often associated with the color green? Take movies or video games, for example: even the vials containing poison would frequently be made of a green glass. Sure, there are poisonous plants and all, but look no further than the 18th century, when some toxic green pigments forever ruined the reputation of the color.

DNA-based technologies that will change your life


Tomorrow will mark 62 years since the day Watson and Crick built the model of DNA, shortly following the announcement that they had solved “the secret of life”. What if the structure of DNA was never discovered? Would the world be any different? What did the discovery lead to? And now, after years of scientific revolution fueled by it, are there more DNA-based technologies to come?

What if Oscar Awards were made of antimatter?


The winners of the 87th Academy Awards have been finally announced. Carefully crafted Oscar statuettes have been handed out to the talented bunch that pleased movie critics the most and made the audience happy. Do you know what the Oscars are made of? How are they made? And, to stir the imagination and bring some physics in, what if they were actually made of antimatter?

What Does The British Queen Have To Do With Chemistry?


A week ago, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 63 years of reigning on the British throne. Do you know what this event has to do with chemistry? I’ll give you a hint: the Robe of Purple Velvet, a traditional coronation dress of the British Monarchs