MEL Chemistry VR lessons released

MEL Science with its subscription-based science kit for kids boosted by virtual reality application gets great reception from startup community of Silicon Valley. MEL Science wins Audience Award at Silicon Valley Open Doors ‘17 conference.

SVOD Award

Two years ago MEL Science set the goal to transform traditional science education by mixing personal experience with up-to-date technologies to ensure a better understanding of the science inside chemical reactions. Today the company’s main product is a monthly subscription box of chemistry experiments. On the 25th of May 2017, the company won an Audience Award at the annual SVOD (Silicon Valley Open Doors) conference and was highly appreciated by the jury.

“Around 50 years ago almost every US family owned a children’s chemistry set. A lot of time has passed since then and things have changed. We’ve rethought the very approach to conducting home chemistry experiments. We believe that we ‘ve managed to create the chemistry set of the 21st century” - says Vassili Philippov, the founder of MEL Science, a former Yandex developer and experienced entrepreneur with four sons of his own.

MEL Science is a UK-based education startup that focuses on VR and science subscriptions. Founded in 2014, it closed US$2.5 million in the series A investment round in October 2016 from Sistema VC.

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