Our chemistry sets are now ready to order

Hurrah! MEL Science chemistry sets are launching today! We’re ready to process your orders and ship chemistry sets to the US, UK and Russia.

It all started back in 2014 when our founder Vassili Philippov left Russia’s largest internet company Yandex and started to excite top science and technology geeks with the idea of reinventing the way teens study chemistry. The challenge was to offer a great solution that would do more than just show curious chemistry tricks, like most similar sets. We want to provide a convenient and playful way for kids to discover what’s happening inside a chemical reaction, why reagents interact the way they do, what’s the scientific logic behind it, and why everyday processes go the way they go.

MEL Science chemistry sets are bundled with a mobile application for iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets, which kids and parents can use to see 3D models of reagent molecules as if they were right before their very eyes. To make this experience even more impressive, we use a number of technologies including Google Cardboard, 3D graphics, macro photo and video, gamification.

Starting today, teens and parents in the United States, United Kingdom and Russia are able to subscribe to MEL Science sets and receive three boxes of incredible experiments, with all the necessary reagents and equipment, every month for a year. Add on the two extra sets in the starter kit, and over a year you get 38 chemistry sets for almost 100 experiments that teens and their parents can easily and safely do together at home, to spend time discovering the world of chemistry and learning how everything works. We welcome your feedback – please let us know what you think of our sets by emailing us at support@melscience.com.

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