Weekly subscription hands-on chemistry sets

We are finally ready to reveal our first product: a chemistry set that you can use at home! However, it will be very different from anything that’s currently on the market. We’ve identified the three main problems we see in existing chemistry sets and have fixed them in our product. You can also sign up to be notified when the product is released.

Why chemistry?

Chemistry is one of the most important sciences. Everything around us is made of chemical substances. Chemistry is inside every living cell as well as inside computers, automobiles and clothes. Chemistry is fun. Chemistry is visual. You can touch it, you can see it, you can smell it. This is what makes chemistry a perfect subject for children to start getting acquainted with science.

Three problems with existing chemistry sets

We dream about a product that will engage children but, at the same time, will thoroughly explain the underlying science. Unfortunately, existing chemistry sets have three main problems:

  1. You buy the set in a store, use it once, and then store it on a shelf for the next decade
  2. They are basically toys: the “experiments” are fun, but fail to teach much. Children are not guided well to understand the science behind the experiments
  3. The sets are “old-school”: they are not interactive, there is no way to check your progress or retention, and they are not motivating or particularly engaging

What will we do differently?

Instead of a «big box», we’ll offer you a weekly subscription plan. By subscribing to MEL Chemistry, you will receive a new chemistry set every week by mail. Each weekly chemistry set contains 1-3 interesting experiments that your children can do on the weekends. A typical weekly box will look something like this:

Weekly box content

I don’t know about you, but we’re quite concerned about the educational progress of our children. They often spend more time playing computer games than studying science and math, so we are trying to do everything we can to make science as interesting and appealing as possible.


Many people are afraid of the dangers that certain chemical reactions pose, but we have ensured that our experiments are extremely safe. There will be no explosions or hazardous substances of any kind as a result of our experiments. We initially thought that such a careful approach would limit us, but in fact, we have developed and designed hundreds of unique and exciting experiments that are completely safe for our users.

Real science

In addition, we don’t just create interesting experiments; we also make sure that you thoroughly understand what happens in each experiment. We reveal how nature is structured from the inside out, opening up a world of curiosity and wonderment for your child.

Your child will not only be receiving a chemistry set. We are also developing a mobile app showing structural formulas and 3D models of molecules that effectively explains how reactions occur on molecular level. What we do is essentially provide you with a virtual microscope that lets you use your smartphone or tablet to look inside physical matter and understand another fascinating side to the world around us. In my opinion, this is the most important part of our system; it provides a way to understand the real science behind the chemical tricks.


Each weekly experimental set only costs $10. This price includes shipping.

How do I subscribe?

MEL Chemistry is not ready just yet. However, it will be ready very soon. You can send in a preorder request and we will contact you as soon as our first set is ready to be released!

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