How many people can live on Earth?

How many people can live on Earth? Everyday we spend some amount of natural resources. All humanity spends resources faster than nature can restore them. How many people should live on Earth for it resources should never end?


Our civilization is developing fast. We look forward to get new technologies and wait for our life to become better and more convenient. However, we seldom think what impact does our life have on the planet’s resources. What is the speed of spending resources for all humanity? How many people can sustain life on Earth for infinite period of time? Ecologists developed special measure called “Ecological Footprint” to measure our impact on the planet ecology. This measure evaluates all your living expenses connected with ecology – from food and transport to bathing habits. You can pass a test on website After you will get results of your spending habits. Sometimes results can be astounding


What is the impact for all humanity? How many years do we have in advance? How many people should have lived on Earth to make our humanity sustainable forever?

For 2007, humanity’s total ecological footprint was estimated at 1.5 planet Earths; that is, humanity uses ecological services 1.5 times as quickly as Earth can renew them. Why should we care about the resources now? The World Health Organization (WHO) says 3 million people are killed worldwide by outdoor air pollution annually from vehicles and industrial emissions – so we are all in danger.

And if we would like to support our current lifestyle, we should have diminish amount of population down to 500 millions – 14 times less than now. What will the humanity choose? Colonization of other planets or shortening our demands?

See how this impact is calculated here:

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